Welcome to Fairhaven Hedgehogs!
About Fairhaven Hedgehogs: We are located in MUNDELEIN, ILLINOIS!

At Fairhaven Hedgehogs, we  strive  to produce healthy and beautiful hedgehogs with excellent temperaments! We currently have FIFTY THREE  hedgehogs in our home and breeding program. We hope to keep expanding and become one of the biggest reputable breeders of African Pygmy Hedgehogs in Illinois. 
We are USDA licensed, and have been breeding African Pygmy Hedgehogs since January 2016. Babies are handled daily when they're old enough to ensure that they will be extra friendly pets for everyone in the home to enjoy! The hedgehogs in our breeding program are also handled very regularly and also have amazing temperaments. I do NOT  breed any extremely ill tempered hedgehogs  or any hedgehogs with known health issues in their family tree. I offer a one year congenital health guarantee (any health problems passed down from parents to offspring), a 72 hour "buyer protection" health guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee  against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome! 

Every hedgehog that I own and breed is pedigreed. The genepool for hedgehogs is very small, and this is why tracking pedigrees is extremely important! I only breed pedigreed hedgehogs so that I can be absolutely certain that there are  no health issues from anyone in the family tree that could potentially be passed onto their offspring, and also to ensure that no in-breeding is ever done. Approved breeders that purchase from me will receive their pedigree free of charge. I ONLY offer pedigrees to other USDA licensed breeders (or hobby breeders I work with) to ensure that my hedgehogs are not bred irresponsibly.

On another note, I am always willing to help anyone out who is genuinely interested in getting into breeding hedgehogs. It is no small task, and should be taken VERY seriously! There is a lot of hard work involved in being an ethical and responsible breeder. I myself am newer to the breeding world of hedgehogs and am still always learning, so I can only answer questions and give advice to the best of my knowledge/ability. If you are honest with me about your intentions about wanting to breed one of my hedgehogs you intend to purchase, I am willing to discuss breeding rights and pedigrees with you! I would rather teach someone the correct way to do things when it comes to breeding, rather than have someone be afraid to ask me questions and do it without my knowledge.