Hedgehog adoption application

Please fill out this adoption application if seriously interested in being placed on my hoglet waiting list. Or if you are ready to place a deposit on an available baby. Hit the submit button on the bottom when finished.
First and last name:
Your age (please have an adult contact me if under 18):
Your home address (please include street, city, and state):
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Were you interested in a baby I currently have available, or wanting to be placed on the waiting list for a future baby? Please specify.
Have you done any research before inquiring about a hedgehog, if yes please explain specifc info that you have learned while doing your research.
Why are you interested in owning a hedgehog?
Have you owned or handled a hedgehog before?
Do you currently own a hedgehog? (if yes please list age, gender and how many)
How did you hear about us (facebook, online, word of mouth)?
Do you have other pets? Please list all pets living in your home.
Please provide the name and contact information to the vet you intend to use for your hedgehog. Not all veterinarians will see hedgehogs, and most hedgehogs will need to be seen by an exotic veterinarian who has more knowledge about hedgehog care. If you do not have a vet in mind I am more than happy to recommend one for you (I have used Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital and VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital, and would also recommend Ness Exotic Wellness Center). Your new hedgehog will need to be taken in for a wellness check within 7 days after purchase and once yearly after that if you want any of my health guarantees and warranties to stay in effect.
Do you understand that breeding any hedgehogs aquired from Fairhaven Hedgehogs is a violation of my policy if you do not discuss it first with me and receive a pedigree? I will only support responsible, ethical breeding. I am open to discussing breeding rights with you if you are truly interested in breeding, just please be honest with me about your intentions. Please specify if your hedgehog will be a pet only.
Will you trim your hedgehogs nails as needed? (I am also available to trim nails by appointment for $10)
How do you intend to house your hedgehog? Full description of cage set up please!
What heating system will you use to keep your hedgehog warm? Ceramic heat emitters on a thermostat or a space heater are the most common used heat source. Heating pads should NEVER be used as the only heat source (hedgehogs must be kept between 72-80 degrees at all times).
What type of bedding will you be using? I recommend aspen or pine shavings, pine pellets, or fleece. NEVER use cedar (it is toxic to hedgehogs).
What will you feed your hedgehog? Please list specific brands if you have some in mind! I use a mix of a few different high quality cat kibble. NEVER feed food made for hedgehogs, it is full of fillers and is complete garbage for them (although vets may try to tell you differently, don't listen to them about hedgehog diet).
Do you understand that if you cannot keep this hedgehog for whatever reason you will return it to the breeder (AKA Fairhaven Hedgehogs)?
Will this hedgehog be a pet for you, or a child? If this hedgehog will be for a child in the family, how old is the child?