Fairhaven Hedgehogs - Hedgehog contract

The following agreement is between Lisa Lewandowski, hereafter referred to as "Breeder"

and________________________________________________________, hereafter referred to as "Buyer" for the sale and purchase of ______ hedgehog(s).





Deposit to hold: $__________Purchase Price: $____________

Remaining blance at time of pick-up: $_________________

This hedgehog will become the property of the Buyer
upon fulfillment of the following contract.
Health Guarantee
This hedgehog is guaranteed to be free of congenital defects for the period of 1 year. Health problems are to be deemed “genetic” by a veterinarian with adequate hedgehog experience and cannot be related to lack of veterinary care, improper diet/nutrition, or inadequate housing or environment. Should any genetic diseases be diagnosed, that jeopardizes quality of life of this hedgehog, Breeder will offer a replacement hedgehog of equal value at no cost when one becomes available (VET RECORDS MUST BE PROVIDED TO BREEDER). This portion of this contract shall be null and void if Buyer fails to have their hedgehog examined by a licensed exotic veterinarian within 7 days after taking possession of this hedgehog and yearly thereafter for routine health checks. This portion of the guarantee does not cover any cancer related death or illness._________

This hedgehog is guaranteed to never develop Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) within its lifespan. WHS is to be diagnosed by a veterinarian with adequate hedgehog experience and is to be deemed a definitive diagnosis through necropsy. Buyer assumes all financial responsibility of the necropsy and related expenses and shall be offered a replacement hedgehog of equal value at no cost if WHS is deemed as cause of death (NECROPSY REPORT MUST BE PROVIDED TO BREEDER).__________

Buyer understands that Breeder cannot offer any warranty for any cancer related illnesses. Should this hedgehog develop or die of a cancer related illness, Buyer is to contact Breeder so that Breeder may use the information when evaluating breeding stock.________

Breeder assumes no financial responsibility for any veterinary costs associated with this hedgehog once this hedgehog has left the care of the Breeder.________ 
This hedgehog will be provided with fresh food, water, shelter, veterinary care if needed (and preferably vet check ups on a yearly basis), and adequate climate control at all times. The Breeder has informed the Buyer of proper climate control.________

Both Breeder and Buyer agree to notify each other of any change of address, email, or phone number within 14 days of any changes. This is to protect both Breeder and Buyer, should any problems arise.________

Notification will be given to the Breeder, before any transfers of ownership of this hedgehog. If at any time during this hedgehog's life the Buyer decides to sell or give the hedgehog away, the Buyer agrees to notify the Breeder and give Breeder first right of refusal. ______

The Breeder will AT ANY TIME take this hedgehog back if asked to do so by the Buyer, at no cost or other compensation from the Breeder to the Buyer and with no further requirements from the Buyer. ______
This hedgehog is to be a pet only, and WILL NOT be used for breeding purposes UNLESS AN ADDITIONAL BREEDING CONTRACT IS SIGNED. If used for breeding purposes without signing the breeding contract, Breeder will receive first right of refusal of any offspring produced and has the right to confiscate any hedgehog(s) previously sold to Buyer. ______

If this hedgehog is ever suspected to have developed WHS, Buyer agrees to inform Breeder within 48 hours._______

Although color and temperament is described as accurately as possible to the Buyer, Buyer understands that hedgehogs may change in either area as they age. Breeder does not offer any guarantee for color or temperament._______