A paid deposit is a commitment to purchase a hoglet from Fairhaven Hedgehogs in the near future and is not refundable for any reason! 

It is $50 to get onto the waiting list (the $50 wait list fee goes towards the total price).
Then when it is your turn to pick a baby, an additonal $25 deposit will need to be placed to put your chosen baby on hold for you (and yes the additional $25 goes towards the total price too).
Or you can simply pay the full $75 deposit in advance.

Babies will be listed on the website once they are old enough to be handled and have opened their eyes and have their colors and markings showing better (I usually do this at about 3 weeks old). I will then start contacting people on the WAIT LIST, and each person will be contacted in the order I have received their deposits to "pick or pass" on any baby I have available. If you want to wait for a later litter, please let me know! If I don't hear from you promptly (usually within 12 hours), I will go to the next person on the waiting list. This is to ensure everyone is contacted in a timely manner.

After the wait list has chosen their babies, babies will then be made available to anyone as long as you have filled out our hedgehog adoption application and been approved, and then it will be first come first serve on who contacts me to place a deposit. Once I have received your deposit your baby will be placed on hold and you will see that reflected status on the website.

TO ANYONE ON THE WAIT LIST OR ANYONE THINKING ABOUT GETTING A HEDGEHOG FROM ME: I absolutely allow and encourage you to schedule a "meet & greet" with me to come to my home and see my hedgehog room and get some hedgehog handling experience. Please visit the "schedule a meet & greet" page on this website to learn more:


1. Cheryl W. -Wants 2 females. Already chose 1. $50 paid.

2. Erin S. -Wants dark color, dark mask. Female only, has another female at home. $50 paid.

3. Shawn C. -Wants lighter grey or lighter color male. $110 paid

4. Agnieszka K. -$150 paid

5. Mallorie S. -Wants 2 females for breeding. Likes lighter colors. $100 paid. 

6. Kelly B. -Likes grey pinto dark mask. -$50 paid.

7. Corrie S. -$50 paid

​8. Kitty K. -Wants darker female. -$50 paid

9. Alex F. -$50 paid

10. OPEN​

11. OPEN​

12. OPEN​

13. OPEN​

​14. OPEN

15. OPEN

16. OPEN

THE WAIT LIST: I will only be  keeping a certain number of slots open at any given time for the wait list (usually how many babies I think there might be available in the immediate future). To be put on the wait list you will need to contact me to discuss and place a $50 wait list fee ($2 fee applies for anyone paying through PayPal). You may include a color or sex preference if you have one, and I will put that next to your name. You will be put on the wait list in the order I receive your deposit, and will be contacted in that order once I have available babies. Once babies are born and I start listing them on my website and contact you, you will have a "pick or pass" option on any available baby listed. Once you have picked your baby, an additonal $25 deposit will need to be placed. You will be able to stay on the list until I have a baby that you want. Please understand that if you have your heart set on a specific gender or color you may have to wait a little longer as every litter is different and may not have what you want. I only keep in constant contact with people on my wait list that have paid their wait list fee or have placed a deposit, and will update with pictures and availablity reguarly. If you do not place a deposit but are still interested in purchasing from me, it is your responsibility to constantly check my website to see if I might have something available. If I do you can contact me ASAP to place a deposit. 

BREEDER WAIT LIST: Other USDA licensed breeders that I work with will always get first pick over the wait list whenever appropriate.