Hedgehog pricing:

Hoglets start  at  $200 male or female and can go higher in price depending on coloring and special facial markings.  Most facial markings like split face, eyeliner, blaze face, badger stripes, reverse blaze, pinto face will cost $250+.

I may also occasionally price exceptionally sweet babies a little higher as well, or babies that I wanted to hold back for myself. 

​To hold a certain hoglet for you a non-refundable deposit of $75 is required ($2 PayPal fee applies if paying through PayPal).

Retired adult hedgehog pricing:

Retired adults are any hedgehogs I have decided not to use in my breeding program anymore. I do not have retired adults very often. They will be listed on the retired adults page when I do.

Most retired adults will be priced between $50-$100 depending on their age and personality.

​A deposit of half the fee of a retired adult is required to hold him/her for you.


I do offer shipping through United Pet Safe. Shipping is $175 for crates under 10 pounds. If buying multiple hedgehogs, shipping may cost $225. Please contact me to discuss the shipping process.