Scheduling a meet & greet

I am more than happy to allow visits if you want to meet some of my hedgehogs and get some hedgehog handling experience, want to see my set up and how my hedgehogs are kept, need any questions answered, or if you are trying to decide if a hedgehog is the right pet for you. Most of the time getting to meet a few hedgehogs and getting to handle some and ask tons of questions will help you make that decision. I really try to provide as much information as possible at these visits. And I do bring out many different hedgehogs (or sugar gliders) so that you may see different personalities, colors, markings, etc.

Please keep in mind though that this is my home, so meet and greets are strictly by appointment only. I also require a completed adoption application before scheduling an appointment (please visit my adoption application page on this website to fill one out and email it to me, there are 2 seperate ones for hedgehogs and sugar gliders). There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a hedgehog/sugar glider from me or place a deposit when you come for your visit. There is however, a visitation fee of $20 (per household) which must be paid prior to the visit, and which is waived if a deposit has already been placed prior to scheduling the visit, or will go towards a deposit if a deposit is placed during/after the visit. I expect you to show up on time for your scheduled meet & greet, or please try to let me know 24 hours in advance if you will not be able to make your appointment. I will be happy to re-schedule with you.

Also keep in mind that my hedgehog room may not always be open to visitors due to momma hedgehogs with new babies, or mommas that are expecting very soon. Mamma hedgehogs should be disturbed as little as possible shortly before and after giving birth, so at certain times the hedgehog room will be off limits to visitors. During these times, I will not be taking appointments and will let you know when I expect to be taking appointments again. I am in the process of setting up a hedgehog nursery where nursing and expecting moms can have their privacy, so there won't be any scheduling issues soon! This does not apply to sugar gliders, and meet and greet appointments for sugar gliders are always open.

Please contact me at to schedule a meet & greet visit.
​Or call/text 847-951-9734