Scheduling a meet & greet

*Meet & greet appointments are currently being held in our living room  while we undergo construction to expand our breeding program, please be respectful and mindful of this.*

*Appointments are scheduled for one hour*

*Please note that our meet & greet appointments are mostly for people who are still unsure if a hedgehog is the right pet for them. If you are already on our waiting list, we go over all the same stuff on pick up day. Pick up appointments are also scheduled for 1 hour for each individual family so that we have plenty of one on one time to go over everything, so don't fret!

I am more than  happy to allow visits if you want to meet a  hedgehog  and get some hedgehog handling experience before deciding  if a  hedgehog is the right pet for you. Most of the time getting to meet a hedgehog (or a  few hedgehogs) and getting to handle some and ask tons of questions will help you make that decision. I really try to provide as much information as possible at these visits. 

Please keep in mind though that this is my home, so meet and greets are strictly by appointment only. I also require a completed adoption application on file before scheduling an appointment. Please visit my hedgehog adoption application page on this website to fill one out and email it to me. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a hedgehog  from me or place a deposit when you come for your visit. There is however, a visitation fee of $20 (per household) which must be paid prior to the appointment starting, and which is waived if a deposit has already been placed prior to scheduling the appointment, or will go towards a deposit if a deposit is placed during/after the appointment. I expect you to show up on time for your scheduled meet & greet, or please try to let me know 24 hours in advance if you will not be able to make your appointment. I will be happy to re-schedule with you.

If you are bringing multiple family members with you for the appointment, please let us know how many. We have a no young child (if they are under 8)  policy unless the pet is specifically going to be for them.  Please let me know if you must bring younger children with you, we sometimes can make exceptions. Especially if the child is well behaved and respectful.  Please remember, this is my home and not a petting zoo. If you must bring younger children with you,  please do not let your children run around my home and touch things they are not allowed to touch. Please do NOT let your children stick their hands or fingers into any animal cages in our home, taunt/tease any of our animals,  or chase any of our animals around!  We have dogs, cats, a bird, and tenrecs living in our home as well.

Also keep in mind that you will NOT be allowed in my hedgehog room for any reason  due to momma hedgehogs with new babies, or mommas that are expecting very soon. Mamma  hedgehogs should be disturbed as little as possible shortly before and after giving birth. And the room needs to be calm and quiet for our nursing mommas.  You can peek inside our hedgehog room if you would like to see how everyone is housed, but we ask that you do NOT walk inside, and you must be very quiet because we always have mamas with babies!  
 Please also note that you will not be allowed to handle any babies that are under 5  weeks old for the safety of the babies. Sometimes mommas can get stressed if they smell a strangers scent on their babies. So we do not allow babies who aren't weaned yet to be handled by anyone except us.

 Please contact me to schedule a meet & greet visit.