Sugar Gliders...

I am now breeding quality lineaged sugar gliders very small scale in addition to my hedgehogs. My hedgehogs are my main focus. My sugar gliders, like my hedgehogs, are also bred for health and temperament and all gliders are lineaged to ensure no inbreeding or genetic issues. Joeys are ready to go to new homes between 8-12 weeks OOP.

I currently only have 1 pair, so 1 boy and 1 girl. My boy Nexus is a ringtail mosaic HET leucistic, and my girl is leucistic. So they have a chance of having babies colored mosaic, leucistic, and classic grey. 

I currently have a very small waiting list for sugar gliders. Since I only have one breeding pair, I don't have babies on a regular basis, and you may be looking at a longer wait. My sugar glider wait list will have the same rules as my hedgehog wait list, except I will only be keeping 4 slots open for the sugar glider wait list.
Please read my waiting list page if wanting to be added to my sugar glider wait list.

Please contact me if interested in addional information about my sugar gliders & joey availability. There is also a different contract I have in place for purchasing gliders from me. Please contact me if wanting to view the sugar glider contract.

My gliders:



Nexus is my gorgeous ringtail mosaic boy! He is HET leucistic too. 
Mara is my leucistic girl. She is paired with Nexus.
Sugar glider waiting list

1. Veronica P. -Wants 2 gliders, no color or sex preference.