Hedgehog cage & heat set up kits

Deluxe cage set up kit - $222:  

  • 110 qt plastic tote cage
    ​(dimensions of cage: 12.625 inches H x 18.750 inches W x 34.625 inches L)

  • Food bowl

  • 9 oz water bottle "The Hedgehog Sipper"

  • 1.5 lbs of our hedgehog food mix

  • Sample baggie of treat mix

  • Small sample bag of pine pellets (most use these for the litter box)

  • One GIANT bag of pine shavings (about 30lbs)

  • One large igloo hide (colors vary)

  • TWO fleece sleeping/bonding pouches

  • Four hedgehog safe toys

  • 12 inch Kaytee comfort wheel

  • Litter pan

  • Nail trimmers

  • Hedgehog safe cage cleaner

  • ​Hedgehog bath kit - 8oz bottle of our home-made foaming hedgehog wash (Quill Cleanser - Hedgehog Wash) & a toothbrush is included for scrubbing quills

  • Modified lid with wire grid panel to set & secure your heat lamp to

*Cage sets need to be bought 24 hours in advance to picking up your hedgehog. If you plan to buy your cage set from us please purchase it on our website and we will have it ready when you come pick up!

Deluxe heat set up kit - $81:

  • 10.5 inch dome heating lamp

  • Lamps clips to secure your lamp to the cage

  • Ceramic heat emitter bulb (150 watt)

  • Digital thermometer (tells you the temperature of the cage)

  • Zilla Thermostat temperature controller (controls temperature)
Once purchased, we will order your heating supplies and set it aside for you so it will be ready when you pick up your hedgehog!

These MUST be bought in advance because we special order the  heat set ups! Shipping usually takes 2-5 days so please order in advance!

To buy your heat set up from us,  click the buy now button:​

Buy Now: Deluxe heat set up kit
Please check out our heat set up checklist if you don't plan on buying your heat set up directly from us!
Heat set up check list
Buy Now: Hedgehog deluxe cage set
Cage AND heat combo set up kits - $285:​

​Includes everything in the deluxe cage set up kit AND all of your heating kit supplies as well. This is slightly discounted if you buy both at the same time.

Buy Now: Deluxe cage AND deluxe heat lamp kit ($285)

Check out our original product!
We are the first breeders to start making our own hedgehog friendly water bottles!
They were designed specifically with hedgehogs in mind!

The Hedgehog Sipper - $10
A leak resistant, top fill water bottle designed for hedgehogs. Unlike regular water bottles, hedgehog sippers are much easier for hedgehogs to drink from. All of our hedgehogs are trained to use these bottles.

​They can be purchased when you come pick up your hedgehog. We also have them available in our Etsy shop!

Hedgehog supplies & other accessories

We have other supplies readily available when you come pick up! 
Assorted hedgehog safe toys- $1-$6

​We have solid ball bells, mini squeaky rubber ducks, mini squeaky rubber hedgehogs, mini nubby balls, mini treat stuffing/foraging toys, mint infused fleece chews, and more! All toys are availabe when you come pick up!​

12 inch Comfort wheels - $20-25

​Kaytee comfort wheels currently come in light blue, lime green, and dark purple. Add $5 for a litter pan. Wheels are $20 without a litter pan.

Fleece sleeping/bonding pouches- $15

Lots of different patterns and colors to choose from! We also do buy two get one FREE on pouches!
Large igloo hides - $10

Colors vary.
4oz treat mix bag - $5

​A mix of freeze dried chicken and freeze dried bugs your hedgehog will go crazy for!

2lbs of our food mix - $17

​Two pounds of the food your hedgehog is currently eating. Our custom mix.

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