By purchasing a hedgehog from Fairhaven Hedgehogs, you are agreeing to the following terms.

Fairhaven Hedgehogs - Hedgehog contract

The following agreement is between Lisa Lewandowski, hereafter referred to as "Breeder"

and________________________________________________________, hereafter referred to as "Buyer" for the sale and purchase of ______ hedgehog(s).

​______________________ SEX:___________________

           SIRE & Dam: ________________________________________________

Identifier given_______________Weight at time of departure: _______

This hedgehog will become the property of the Buyer
upon fulfillment of the following contract.
 This hedgehog will be provided with fresh food, water, shelter, veterinary care when needed (yearly wellness checks should be done) and adequate climate control at all times. The Breeder has informed the Buyer of proper climate control._________

The Breeder will AT ANY TIME take this hedgehog back if asked to do so by the Buyer, at no cost or other compensation from the Breeder to the Buyer and with no further requirements from the Buyer. _________
This hedgehog is to be a pet only, and WILL NOT be used for breeding purposes UNLESS AN ADDITIONAL BREEDING CONTRACT IS SIGNED. If used for breeding purposes without signing the breeding contract, Breeder will receive first right of refusal of any offspring produced and has the right to confiscate any hedgehog(s) previously sold to Buyer. Breeding your hedgehog(s) also VOIDS all warranties/health guarantees. Legal action will be taken if you breed without our permission & guidence. _________

Breeder does not offer any guarantee for color or temperament. __________

​No refunds will be given at any time for any reason. However, a half refund is offered if you return your hedgehog within 14 days (if you decide a hedgehog isn't the right fit for you). As long as your hedgehog is in good health upon being returned. __________

Buyer understands all of the above, and agrees to these terms.

Buyer signature_________________________________________Date____________

Breeder signature_______________________________________Date____________
Health Guarantee
Congenital defects:  This hedgehog is guaranteed to be free of congenital defects for the period of 1 year. Health problems are to be deemed “genetic” by a veterinarian with adequate hedgehog experience and cannot be related to lack of veterinary care, improper diet/nutrition, inadequate housing or environment, abuse, or accidents. Should any genetic diseases be diagnosed, that jeopardizes quality of life of this hedgehog, Breeder will offer a replacement hedgehog of equal value at no cost when one becomes available. ALL VET RECORDS MUST BE PROVIDED TO BREEDER. If this hedgehog dies from a congenital disease/defect, a necropsy report must be provided to breeder to receive a replacement animal. __________

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome:   This hedgehog is guaranteed to never develop Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) within its lifespan. WHS is to be diagnosed and deemed a definitive diagnosis through necropsy. Buyer assumes all financial responsibility of the necropsy and related expenses and shall be offered a replacement hedgehog of equal value at no cost if WHS is proven through necropsy. NECROPSY REPORT AND ALL VET RECORDS MUST BE PROVIDED TO BREEDER. Breeder will cover half of necropsy cost ONLY if necropsy is consistent with WHS.___________

Cancers/ tumors: Buyer understands that Breeder does not offer any warranty for any cancer or tumor related deaths/illnesses. Should this hedgehog develop or die of a cancer or tumor related illness, Buyer is to contact Breeder so that Breeder may use the information when evaluating breeding stock.________

Buyer protection guarantee:   Breeder assumes no financial responsibility for any veterinary costs associated with this hedgehog once this hedgehog has left the care of the Breeder and has been in the possesion of the Buyer for 1 week. The animal MUST be seen by a vet, and all vet records must be provided to breeder if any health issues arise within the first week. Breeder will pay for the cost of medications if Breeder was proven to be at fault for the animal becoming sick (example: URI). Or a healthy replacement is offered in exchange, and Breeder will take back and treat the sick hedgehog. If the hedgehog dies within the first week, a necropsy report must be provided to breeder to determine cause of death in order to receive a replacement. Buyer assumes any costs associated with necropsy report. _________

We, the Breeder and the Buyer, do hereby acknowledge this to be a binding contract. We agree to fully abide by its terms and conditions.

Breeder: __________________________________________ Date:_________________
Buyer: ____________________________________________Date:_________________
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