Hedgehog adoption application

DETAILED answers PLEASE!!! Hit the submit button on the bottom when finished.
After you have submitted your application, you can then immediately place your deposit.
Then please TEXT us (at 847-951-9734) to make sure we received your deposit and we will add you to the waiting list.

​Please include your first and last name when you text us.

​If the deposit was for a specific hedgehog let us know which one, and please TEXT us before you make your deposit for a specific hedgehog to make sure he/she is still available!
First and last name:
Your age (please have an adult contact me if under 18):
Your home address (please include street, city, and state):
Your email address: Please make sure it's correct as this is how I will contact you!
Your phone number:
What is the ID/name of the hedgehog you are interested in? Or do you want to be placed on the waiting list for a future baby?
Have you owned or handled a hedgehog before?
Do you currently own a hedgehog? If yes, please list age, gender, and how many.
How did you hear about us (facebook, online search, word of mouth)?
Do you have other pets? Please list all pets living in your home.
Will your hedgehog be a PET only? Or are you interested in breeding your hedgehog?
How do you intend to house your hedgehog? *NOTE* We have cage set ups available!
What heating system will you use to keep your hedgehog warm? *NOTE* We have heat set ups available!
Will this hedgehog be a pet for you, or a child? If this hedgehog will be for a child in the family, how old is the child?
How many children live in the household and what are their ages?
Do you have any other specific questions or comments for us? Please list any questions you might have! We are more than happy to answer your questions!
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