How to get onto our waiting list & what to expect while you are waiting:


  • Fill out our hedgehog adoption application so that we have your basic information on file.

  • You may then immediately place your deposit to hold a certain hedgehog (TEXT us first at 847-951-9734), or to get onto our waitlist.  A $50  non-refundable deposit  is required to get onto our waiting list or reserve a specific baby for you. The $50 will go  towards the total price, and then the remaining is due in cash when you pick up your new hedgehog.  The deposit can be paid by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking the red button.

  • You may request a certain color, special markings like split face,  and  if you prefer male or female if you are getting on our waitlist. Please let us know if you have a preference!  But please understand that if you have your heart set on a specific gender or color you may have to wait a little longer as every litter is different and may not have what you want.

  • Babies will be listed on the website once they  are old enough to be handled and have opened their eyes and have their colors and markings showing better (I usually do this at about 4 weeks old). I will then start contacting people on the WAIT LIST. I will CALL and TEXT you and possibly email you as well. Each person will be contacted in the order I have received their deposits to "pick or pass" on any baby I have available. If you want to wait for a later litter, please let me know!  If I don't hear from you promptly (max of 12 hours), I will go to the next person on the waiting  list. This is to ensure everyone is contacted in a timely manner, especially when we have a long waitlist. So make sure you keep up with and check your voicemails or texts on your phone frequently! And that you also check your emails! Thank you! :)

  • After the wait list has chosen their babies, babies will then be made available to anyone as long as you have filled out our hedgehog adoption application and been approved,  and then it will be first come first serve on who contacts me to place a deposit. Once I have received your deposit your baby will be placed on hold for you until they are ready to leave (usually between 6-8 weeks old)  and you will see that reflected status on the website under your chosen baby's picture. Your baby will also be moved to our "reserved hedgehogs" page on our website once the reservation is confirmed.
Read our policies
Fill out our hedgehog adoption application
I absolutely allow and encourage you to schedule a "meet & greet" with me to come to my home and get some hedgehog handling experience. This is especially helpful if you aren't quite sure yet if a hedgehog is the right pet for you. Meet and greets are by appointment ONLY!

Schedule a meet & greet appointment


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  1. Katie Gilbert
    Katie Gilbert
    Deposit received.
Please fill out our hedgehog adoption application first, so that we have your basic info. You can then immediately make your deposit. Be sure to also TEXT us after you make your deposit to make sure we received it!    TEXT US AT 847-951-9734.

Click here to pay the waiting list/ hedgehog reservation deposit!
​Deposits are $50 and go towards the total price of your hedgehog.

*There is a $2 PayPal fee added on*

* Kelly B. -Likes grey pinto dark mask. -$50 deposit received  *Waiting indefinitely. Will contact me once they are ready!*)
​*Julie K. -Deposit received ($75). *Waiting for females, will contact me when ready.
​Judith K. Deposit received ($75). Wants female. *Heat lamp purchased.* *Waiting indefinitely*
​Lindsay K. Deposit received. *Waiting until 2019*
Lauren Hutchins. (Doesn't remember placing deposit)

​Sierra C. Deposit received. *Waiting indefinitely, will contact me when ready*
​Signe Bolton. Deposit received. *Left VM 3/2, 2:30pm. (Haven't heard back)
Delaney Vogt. Deposit received. *Waiting indefinitely will contact when ready

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